Diamondback Systems offers flexible warehousing solutions for customers with short-term of fluctuating space requirements. Our warehousing service allows customers to expand or contract inventory based upon demand, which enables customers to cut costs to maximize profits.

Diamondback Systems gives you the opportunity to consolidate shipments in the same facility. We operate successful warehousing operations for companies seeking long-term supply chain solutions at a dedicated facility. Specialized labor force, facility, and standard operating procedures designed specifically for our customers, ensures an abundance of resources.

Diamondback Systems provides a cost effective solution for:

  • Warehousing of inventory with fluctuating space requirements
  • Seasonal distribution programs
  • Product overflow to existing distribution centers
  • First-time marketplace entry for a new product or region
  • Supply chains that require multiple distribution points

Order Fulfillment:

Diamondback Systems understands that Order Accuracy is an essential requirement of Order Fulfillment. Our customers expect to receive the product they ordered.  Diamondback Systems helps Clients gain marketplace differentiation in the area of Order Fulfillment by employing a keen focus on Customers’ packaging, labeling and delivery requirements. This allows Clients to focus on sales and the generation of new orders while Diamondback Systems handles the order fulfillment needs of the Customer.

  On-time delivery is another essential component of order fulfillment. Not only must the order be accurate, shipped with proper packaging and labeling, arrive undamaged, but it must meet the Customer’s required delivery schedules. Our order Fulfillment process requires communication between teams to ensure that our systems reflect the Customer’s requirements. Order Fulfillment activities are planned each day with respect to the Customer’s requirements.


Cross docking is an effective solution to improve transportation service to customers and reduce handling and storage costs.  It allows clients to route product from one or multiple manufacturing site(s).  Product is shipped in bulk from manufacturing plants to Diamondback Systems where it is then deconsolidated into multiple shipments and delivered directly to customers.  Additionally, special packaging and labeling requirements can be met as a value-added function of the cross dock service.

Cross docking is a strategy for companies that:

  • Require the unloading and merging of bulk shipments from various points of manufacture for the combining of specified SKU’s to fulfill individual or store orders.
  • Have a regional customer base that is far from the origin of manufacture and demands a short delivery window between the time of order placement to the requested delivery date.
  • Do not have the physical space, equipment, labor, or materials required for special order fulfillment, palletizing, labeling and packaging activities at their manufacturing site.
  • Wish to reduce the amount of excess inventory stored at their own facility or manufacturing site, either to reduce inventory carrying costs or simply due to limited available space.

Pick & Pack Services:

Pick & Pack services entail taking ordered goods out of stock, packing them, and then shipping orders to the end customer. Diamondback Systems offers a variety of flexible order fulfillment options including: pallet break down, picking individual items (packs or inner packs) from cases for order fulfillment, as well as building new cartons, packs, or pallets to fulfill customized orders to meet customer requirements.

For large scale pick, pack & ship program it is important for companies to select a third party logistics provider with proven experience providing dependable order fulfillment services.
In addition to its pick/pack services, we offers variety of other services including:

  • Product Labeling
  • Kitting
  • Polybagging & Shrinkwrapping
  • Co-packing

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